Your calendar is correct, Christmas is right around the corner. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than listing off our favorite Christmas movies! So, grab your hot chocolate, cozy up under your blanket, and let us share our unquestioned list of top movies.

Mike Totaro – Agency Principal

Favorite Movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite scene: My favorite scene is when cousin Eddie is emptying the sewage from his RV onto the road and the up-tight neighbors come outside and get freaked out. Eddie is just business as usual with his cigar and beer.

First time you watched the movie: I watched the movie in theaters in 1989.

Do you watch it every year: Yes, it has become a tradition for my family to watch each year around Christmas time.

Favorite Holiday Drink: Eggnog.

Rachel Sandwick: Agency Principal

Favorite Movie: Original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Favorite Scene: The scene with “Bumble” always caught my attention when I was younger. I thought it was really funny when he really just needed to see a dentist.

First time watching the movie: Probably when I was 12 years old (I didn’t have access to television until age 12).

Do you watch it every year: I watch it every year and already watched it this year in November.

Favorite holiday drink: Mexican hot chocolate (aka champurrado).

Diane Sherwood – Lead Personal Lines Producer

Favorite Movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite scene: The scene where Clark kidnaps his boss and goes on a binge of cursing, describing how everyone is going to have the jolliest Christmas if it’s the last thing he does. “Where is the Tylenol?”

First time watching the movie: With my family when I was five years old.

Do you watch it every year: Absolutely!

Favorite holiday drink: Hot buttered rum… Mmmmmmmm.

Mariah Bussard – Customer Relations

Favorite Movie: Home Alone 2

Favorite scene: My favorite scene is when the two paint cans miss the bandits and they think they are safe, but then the giant pipe swings down and knocks both of them down the stairs. Classic Home Alone.

Do you watch it every year: I watch at least one of the Home Alone movies each year around Christmas time.

Favorite holiday drink: Apple cider.

Matt Totaro – Marketing Coordinator

Favorite Movie: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Favorite Scene: The scene where the Grinch is being introduced outside of his cave at the top of a mountain. I specifically remember when he is holding his dog, Max, explaining how much he hates Christmas.

Fist time watching the movie: I remember watching it during a Christmas special with my brother around Christmas time.

Do you watch it every year: Yes, I watch it every year. I recently purchased my own copy.

Favorite holiday drink: Eggnog!