Boat insurance in Portland, Ore is a common discussion at our insurance agency in March. Before you set sail on the Willamette, make sure you know about basic types of coverage.

Captain’s Package

We offer additional protection with the Captain’s Package. Considering this coverage is only a few extra dollars a month, it includes a number of features:

  • $2,500 personal effects coverage
  • Roadside assistance of a trailer is listed
  • Purchase price protection on water crafts as old as two years of age
  • Increase on water emergency assistance package limits in selected states

Affordable Insurance

Boat insurance is Oregon is cheaper than you might think. Believe it or not, but coverage averages around a dollar per day. Also, we have a handful of discounts, which are easy to qualify under.

We also provide our clients affordable options like a single-loss deductible. Let’s say a storm sweeps through Portland and your garage is significantly damaged, which was storing your boat. If you decided to bundle your homeowners and watercraft policies, you would only one deductible.

Increase Unattached Equipment Limit

Discuss unattached equipment limits with our agents. Hull physical damage coverage includes coverage for portable boating equipment typically kept on or on the boat.

Unattached equipment includes, but is not limited to: anchors, oars, lights, fire extinguishers, tarpaulins, safety equipment, portable marine electronics, deck chairs, water skis, wake boards and similar sports equipment.

Note: Fishing equipment is included under the personal effects coverage. The Additional Fishing Equipment coverage is available in excess of personal effects limits included with the policy

Your time out on your boat should be stress free, which is where we come in. Let us take care of the details, so you can relax out on the water. Contact us at (503) 256-1448 or read more about what we offer on our website!