Save money on your premiums by understanding the inspection process

Often when someone is shopping their auto insurance, homeowners coverage goes hand in hand to they retain a bundling discount. While typically this makes sense, there are situations to consider when you’re looking to uproot your home coverage.

Be in the “Know”

Most Oregon residents aren’t aware that when your application is submitted with a new carrier, the majority of them schedule an inspection of the home prior to fully committing to insuring the home. The reason a lot of people aren’t aware of this is because it’s most often a simple external inspection that happens only when the business is first submitted (no regular/annual re-inspections), and often times the inspector just inspects whatever they’re able to view from the street without invading privacy. 

What are They Looking at?

  • Is the roof in good repair/clean
  • Is the yard maintained, is there debris/home appliances/etc..
  • Is the sidewalk in good repair/ lacking any liability “trip and fall” risk
  • Is the siding in good repair/paint maintained/windows in tact.
  • If there is a pool, is it completely fenced in

The most common one that we see is that a roof has excessive moss/yard debris build up (a lot of roofs in Oregon), or is in poor repair. This is a major concern for insurance carriers because when moss builds up it can grow between the roof shingles/slats and greatly increase the risk of having a water damage claim (Especially in Oregon).

Our Advice 

Our advice, as agents, is that if you are looking at moving your do a quick “walk around” and note anything that may be of concern to an insurance company. If you find that there is any “spring cleaning” or visible repair work that needs to happen, we highly recommend doing the cleaning/repair prior to applying for new coverage to ensure eligibility with your new carrier, and avoid the headache of having to complete it within the short time-frame given if they send a cancellation notice. Read more about homeowners coverage on our website.