An announcement for all of our current and potential Safeco customers!

Safeco Insurance is rolling out a new discount this coming October! If you carry a AAA Membership for yourself and your family, you’ll now be eligible for an additional 5% in policy premium savings. 

New customers with Safeco can receive an additional 5% savings when we start your policy. During our initial conversation, we will ask if you have an active AAA membership. If you do, we’ll include the discount for you with Safeco (Mapfre also offers a discount for having a AAA membership.)

For existing Safeco customers, if you have a AAA membership, contact our agency with your AAA membership number and we can process it into your profile. Once the discount has been applied, starting after October, the discount will be applied starting with the next renewal offer!

We typically recommend that if a customer already has AAA, or is considering purchasing a membership, they should keep the membership instead of endorsing towing coverage. Of course, there are exceptions to this recommendation, but most customers don’t realize towing claims populate on driving-history reports, like any other claim. While most carriers don’t charge merit points for a single tow bill, some do, and having multiple towing bills on your 5-year driving history can impact your premium, especially as a new customer who’s hunting for less expensive insurance rates. Additionally, it’s a broader coverage option than towing through insurance and has less limitations to how the membership can be used than insurance roadside/towing coverage. 

A big thanks to Safeco for yet another fantastic offering that helps reduce the cost of auto insurance for their customers!