Chamberlain Insurance has officially upgraded to Progressive Platinum. What does that mean? Let us tell you! We are excited to announce that Chamberlain Insurance will now offer Progressive’s complete product line, including homeowners and umbrella insurance. If you currently have a Progressive auto policy, you can now bundle you home

Chamberlain’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Your calendar is correct, Christmas is right around the corner. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than listing off our favorite Christmas movies! So, grab your hot chocolate, cozy up under your blanket, and let us share our unquestioned list of top movies. Mike Totaro – Agency

Safeco Insurance Rewarding Policyholders

In January, Safeco will be launching customer-incentive programs: Claims-Free Cash Back and Immediate Accident Forgiveness. In Recent years, auto insurance premiums have been on the rise, but these new programs are able to give auto insurance customers a peace of mind. Let’s take a look at each plan and how they
Oregonians tend to forget that earthquakes come with the territory. From my experience as an insurance agent, earthquake insurance is not a popular coverage, which is surprising due to Oregon’s history. Let’s break down why it’s necessary for homeowners to invest in earthquake insurance Common Overlook: My Homeowners Covers Earthquakes
  Everyone remembers that one movie which kept them up during the night. Here at Chamberlain Insurance, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have compiled a list of scariest childhood movies from members at the office. Enjoy reading our scary childhood stories and feel free to share yours
  Courtesy of Creative Commons                         Throughout the years in Portland, Ore, I have been asked just about every insurance question known to man. I often hear questions like, “ Why are my rates so high compared to people