Do Oregon Homeowners Need Earthquake Insurance?

Oregonians tend to forget that earthquakes come with the territory. From my experience as an insurance agent, earthquake insurance is not a popular coverage, which is surprising due to Oregon’s history. Let’s break down why it’s necessary for homeowners to invest in earthquake insurance Common Overlook: My Homeowners Covers Earthquakes
  Everyone remembers that one movie which kept them up during the night. Here at Chamberlain Insurance, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have compiled a list of scariest childhood movies from members at the office. Enjoy reading our scary childhood stories and feel free to share yours.
Throughout the years in Portland, Ore, I have been asked just about every insurance question known to man. I often hear questions like, “Why are my rates so high compared to people,” or “We have the same car, so why are our rates different?” 
Life Insurance Whether or not a child needs life insurance coverage is a widely argued debate. If you examine the following information and feel that you are in a position that would benefit from life insurance being placed on your child, then this would be the best decision for you.